May 23, 2013

Honest Company Hand Soap Review

I'm in love with The Honest Company products. Over the next month, you may see a lot of Honest Company product reviews here because I've been trying so much of their stuff lately. A while back, I came across Honest when I was looking for ways to use my Recyclebank points and was tired of magazine subscriptions. There was a deal for new customers, so I checked out the site and was really impressed with the mission, the product variety, and truthfully, the awesome website.

Jessica Alba is a co-founder, which for many celebrities is fairly meaningless, but I get the sense that she's incredibly involved in running the business, and that impresses me.

Our family hasn't always been a recycling and organic-friendly household. My adult life has mostly been spent seeking the most bleachy-super chemical products for cleaning (because that's most effective, right?) and processed (fresh food must be expensive), but we've changed a lot since my daughter was born. Change has been slow and cautious because I want to have a healthy house, but I do want it to be clean and some healthier products just don't clean well.

Though I've been using Honest laundry detergent, hand soap, veggie spray, and chapstick for a few months, I just enrolled in the monthly bundle service and we're now trying dryer sheets, lotions, sunscreen, and shampoo. I'm excited to share my feedback as we try all these new products!

On to the hand soap review!

The Honest Company hand soap iconwas the first product to catch my attention. I ordered four to begin with, putting one in each bathroom and one by my kitchen sink. It's been about three months and in the photo below, you can see that we're finally getting low and need to order more. This soap gets used several times a day by everyone in our house. It's also a soap I'm proud to leave out for visitors to use.

Unlike traditional hand soap, this one is nice and clear (love that) and in a simple bottle (ie. not over-designed). My daughter can pump it without help and it's not too big for my sink area, nor so small that we're running out of soap quickly.

You can see below that it's a very thin, light formula, almost watery, but you don't need much to clean your hands. If you're a suds person, this soap probably won't make you happy, but I don't really think you needs suds to have clean hands, so it's perfectly fine with me as is.

After washing, the soap rinses easily away. This is extra nice with the little one, who'd sit with her hands in the water forever if she could. Having the soap rinse fast is a reminder that she should shut off the tap and dry her hands.

I've had no major eczema flareups with this hand soap, even on days when I've washed quite a lot (working with raw meat or in the garden). I'm totally digging it, so another batch is scheduled to arrive in my June bundle shipment.

Because the price is fabulous for a gentle, clear hand soap that's lasted me three months, I can't imagine switching to another product. We do have two bottles of a Lysol antibacterial soap from a product review I did a while back and I keep that around for certain tasks like cleaning the litter box. But otherwise, it's all Honest for us when it comes to soap.

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  1. Yeah honest co sells a lot of great products mainly like diapers and wipes, cleaning products, and also personal care products. I really love these products that even don't need to hide from kids.