September 20, 2013

The Honest Company Hand Soap: No refills, yet...

The other day, I was lamenting how I have a stash of empty Honest Hand Soap bottles that I just don't want to toss in the recycle bin. Every two months, I order another three bottles for our bathrooms, and each time I order, I wonder why I can't just buy a big bottle to use for refills. The reality is, I'm stocking up on these empty bottles, just in case. I was tired of just in case, so my husband encouraged me to contact The Honest Company to see if they have any plans to offer soap refills in the future.

Though we won't see refills immediately, the response I received from Allison sounded positive, like there's a chance we'll see a greener way to use Honest Hand Soap in the future.

Here's what they have to say:

Hi Samantha!

Thanks for reaching out, we love to hear feedback from our Honest community. That is an excellent suggestion, and one that we have indeed heard from others! We don't currently have refills, but I will be sure to pass your suggestions along to our product development team, as I do know that is something they are actively looking into. As a company we constantly strive to improve our services, and that means paying attention to what our members want to see next! Our team is working hard to bring a lot of new Honest goodies to life in the coming months, so I'm sure you'll find something to love. In the meantime, have a lovely day!

With Delight,

The Honest Company

I'll keep ordering my bundles with soap pumps, saving them for the day refills can be ordered. By then, I'll have enough to fill up and give out to the girls at my sister's college dorm.

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