October 27, 2015

Still here!

I had surgery a couple weeks ago and anticipate more medical treatment. However, I'm doing well and getting my energy back. It's almost Halloween, and then there's Penny's birthday and Thanksgiving soon after. Much to do!

Penny asked for a royal themed party fit for a princess. While there won't be a real castle, live horses pulling a gilded carriage, or red velvet carpet, I've arranged for two Disney princesses to visit and entertain a small group, who will be dressed up for "tea" and crafts. We're keeping it simple this year with a home party. Penny even requested we skip the cake and just offer ice cream. For the sake of other cake-loving kids, we'll have cupcakes for anyone who'd like one and so Penny can blow out a candle.

Now the question is, what shall I get her for her birthday?