About Samantha

I'm terrible at summing up who I am in one paragraph because I do so many different things and am influenced by so many wonderful people and experiences. At a glance, I'm the lucky mom of an amazing, inspiring little girl who spends her busy days growing a love of learning at Montessori school. I'm also the wife of a talented engineer husband who I get to work alongside with from home each day. I keep busy as a design researcher who also paints, sews, and gardens, and serve on the Board of Directors at my daughter's school. I also hold a limited teaching license in K-12 art, working with kindergartners on introductory art concepts once a week.

Since 7th grade, I've been coloring my hair and experimenting with makeup and clothing style. I love to shop and try new products, which led me to create this blog. The content has evolved to be more broad as my interests have expanded, but you'll still find product reviews, recipes, mom-friendly advice (art projects!), and gardening tips.

Shortly after my daughter was born, I was diagnosed with cancer and went through several major surgeries and chemo treatments that affected my skin and hair and self-image. Since then, I've placed more focus on finding healthier, better product choices for my family, seeking natural cleaners and soaps and finding cosmetics and other products that work with my now drier skin and hair. As a family, we've also transitioned to more fresh and organic foods, cooking from scratch most nights.