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Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash

BzzAgent sent me a kit with a full-size Lysol Touch of Foal Antibacterial Hand Wash in Creamy Vanilla Orchid. I put it by the sink in the most used bathroom in our house and immediately showed it to my preschool daughter, who is obsessed with purple. Penny often comes home from school with dirt and grime, Playdough, paint, and food on her hands, and like most kids, is a messy eater. I like having this soap around for her to quickly clean up before meals, and after particularly messy dinners. For me and my husband, I am happy to have an antibacterial soap for use after cleaning the cat box or working in the garage, or dealing with the occasional potty training accident. My biggest concerns with hand soap are: 1. Doesn't dry out my skin 2. Is easy for my daughter to use 3. If scented, smells nice but not too strong 4. Cleans well and rinses easily For day-to-day, I'm not a huge fan of using antibacterial products, but after cutting raw meat or handling gross stuff,