April 18, 2013

Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Wash

BzzAgent sent me a kit with a full-size Lysol Touch of Foal Antibacterial Hand Wash in Creamy Vanilla Orchid. I put it by the sink in the most used bathroom in our house and immediately showed it to my preschool daughter, who is obsessed with purple.

Penny often comes home from school with dirt and grime, Playdough, paint, and food on her hands, and like most kids, is a messy eater. I like having this soap around for her to quickly clean up before meals, and after particularly messy dinners. For me and my husband, I am happy to have an antibacterial soap for use after cleaning the cat box or working in the garage, or dealing with the occasional potty training accident.

My biggest concerns with hand soap are:
1. Doesn't dry out my skin
2. Is easy for my daughter to use
3. If scented, smells nice but not too strong
4. Cleans well and rinses easily

For day-to-day, I'm not a huge fan of using antibacterial products, but after cutting raw meat or handling gross stuff, it's nice to have some in the house.

I asked Penny to try out the new soap. She does need help pumping it unfortunately, though she was able to pump the soap we were using before this review opportunity. Since she uses the potty all by herself now, she doesn't like feeling dependent on me to wash her hands. However, she does like the fun, foamy soap and the purple color.

Foam soap is kid-friendly
For me, the soap has been good in not drying out my skin. I've had no more problems than I normally would this time of year. I also like the foam because it rinses easily from my hands. It's great that it kills 99.9% of germs on contact. I'm always looking for the best way to wash my hands after cutting up steak or making meatballs from scratch, so having this soap on hand has been super helpful!

There are a few downsides to Touch of Foam:
1. I found the scent of Creamy Vanilla Orchid really strong. My husband really didn't like smelling flowery so he's avoided using it after trying it the first time. We bought the Rose & Cherry in Bloom scent this past weekend and I like it much better. The scent is more subtle and pleasant. I'm glad I tried a second scent or I wouldn't have considered buying this soap in the future. Now I'm more inclined to keep buying it.

2. I don't like soaps with color. It's a personal preference but I like clear soaps because they seem more natural. After using the soap, I still wish it was clear, but I've been learning to accept that I can't have everything I want in a soap. Pleasant scent and color generally go hand-in-hand.

3. I have small hands and my daughter's hands are even smaller, but one pump delivers a lot of foamy soap. We've gone through the product much faster that we go through our normal product, more than twice as fast it seems. Since our usual soap doesn't cost much more than the Touch of Foam, it would cost more to use Touch of Foam as our primary hand soap. We'll likely keep one bottle in the house for those messy situations, but not use it all the time.

The foam is so thick, it doesn't drip!
If you are curious to know more about what this soap offers:
  • Lysol says this product offers 10x more germ protection than the leading competitor!
  • There is a third scent, Wild Berry Bliss. We may try it next time.
  • Antimicrobial properties are built in to protect the pump and resist odor-causing bacteria.
Lysol also started "Mission for Health,"which offers online education for new moms, information for healthy families, schools, and disaster relief efforts, showing a strong dedication to health.

I also found a contest on Facebook, the Cynthia Rowley Touch of Foam label design contest, which offers a chance to win a trip to Fashion Week in NYC. Of course, I had to enter that contest and now I'm crossing my fingers that I win.

This new hand wash is worth a try. Whether you like the scent or not will be a personal preference, but as a cleanser, it works well, and I feel confident that my hands are really clean after using it.

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