May 24, 2013

Method All-Purpose Cleaner Review

I shop at Target a lot, often enough that my preschooler tells me which doors to go in for groceries or household products. We're fans of Method, mainly because the prices are low and the product packaging is really cool. Since we're on a "buy healthier" kick, I decided to try Method's All-Purpose Cleaner in Pink Grapefruit scent.

I keep this cleaner primarily on the first floor, usually under the kitchen sink. Most nights, I use it to quickly clean off the counters and the stovetop, but at least once a week, I also use it on the bathroom mirrors and sometimes the tile floors for quick clean up jobs. It's fantastic for cleaning off the top of the washer and dryer, and honestly does an amazing job on my dining room table without destroying the wood.

I was pretty happy with this cleaner until a couple nights ago when my husband noticed that there's a slightly sticky residue on the counters after I clean. Bummer! I tested it out to make sure it was the cleaner and not something from when I cooked, and unfortunately it does seem to be the product.

Last night, after cleaning with the Method product, I followed with generic glass cleaner and found my paper towel had grime on it. That means the Method product didn't get the best clean it could have.

We ordered Honest Company's all purpose cleaner to try in lieu of Method, but I'm keeping this one around for the table and mirrors. Nothing has done such a good job on both without stinking like ammonia (like Glass Plus) or leaving a film (like Endust).

The verdict on this one isn't in quite yet, but we'll give it a couple more months and see if we continue to like it.

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