September 19, 2013

eSalon Color Depositing Shampoo

Honestly, I'm not sure that I'd call it a shampoo, but eSalon sent me a product to use in the shower to help offset the redness in my hair. You just put it in your hair, leave on for a couple of minutes, and continue to condition and style as usual. The only thing I could find online about it is a press release from Ballantines PR.

The experience of applying the product was kind of annoying, honestly. It's very watery, making it hard to get it in the hair without it also getting around the shower, on me, etc. I quickly rinsed the areas where the product landed, but noticed how quickly a stain set. If you don't rinse what hits your shower walls, you could be stuck using bathroom cleaner afterward.

The good news about staining is that means it was also essentially staining my hair. So yep, my hair came out less red. Unfortunately, it was noticeable uneven, with a lot more darkness near the ends of my hair. My guess is my difficulty applying it was obvious in the result.

The downside was that I went quite a bit darker. It's not so dark that I'd be upset, but my hair was a darker brown near the ends and still light reddish brown at the roots. After one more application, it was a bit more even, but not enough to try again. What I'm going for can't be done with a color depositing shampoo. I just need to recolor it.

This is not to discourage anyone from trying out eSalon products. I would definitely suggest the shampoo to anyone who has recently colored their hair and wants to maintain it (keep out the brassiness or increase red tones). I thought the color in my bottle of shampoo would be perfect for my sister, whose hair is a lot darker than mine. She'll appreciate the neutralizing aspect, which should keep her dark brown hair shiny, rich, and cool.

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