November 19, 2013

Martha Stewart No-Iron Clothing Labels are a Dream Come True

More than a year ago, I came across Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery No-Iron Clothing Labels while shopping for office supplies at Staples. They were a bit pricey for one pack of labels, but I bought them anyway because I have a terrible time writing in my daughter's clothes and don't have any interest in hand sewing labels on everything.

The labels I primarily use are fairly small, which means I can fit them on a clothing tag or inside the hem of a shirt, under the tongue of shoes, or inside mittens quite easily. They're smooth, white plastic-feeling, but flexible rounded rectangles. My ink of choice is a black Sharpie, but you could get away with a ball-point pen.

To attach the label, you just smooth it on the fabric (or along the side of the sole of a shoe) and you're done. That's it. No ironing and no sewing!

Though I've never tried, the product instructions indicate they won't work on denim, so be sure to stick them to the tag inside jeans, not the denim itself.

I never paid attention to how long they'd last until looking more information up online for this post. Turns out, they are supposed to last about 20 washes, but so far I haven't had one fail and it's been a long time. Granted, my daughter grows into a new size every 9-12 months, but you can be sure I wash her clothes all the time. She's a preschooler and everything gets dirty.

Well worn but still legible!

The other day, I was grabbing more labels for winter gear and found a larger size that I plastered on my daughter's favorite penguin hat, hoping she'd be more likely to come home with it.

Unfortunately, while the labels work, it doesn't guarantee the clothes will actually come home with the right kid, lol. I've since picked up a new hat, but we'll keep it for family use only, not for school.

Even though my daughter's name is clearly inside her lunch box and embroidered on the front, I know that since the lunches are often stored sideways in the fridge, it makes sense to have her name and other information on the side of the lunch box. To make life easier for her teachers, I added one of the larger Martha Stewart labels on the side and now they can clearly see whose box is whose.

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