December 29, 2013

Sinful Colors SinfulShine Polish is Amazing!

Sinful Colors introduced SinfulShine nail polish colors a while ago, but I only noticed them before Christmas. Even with a higher price, the SinfulShine colors are still way cheaper than most of their competitors. I was with my daughter at Walgreens, shopping for blush for me and a kid-friendly lipstick for her, when we saw the very enticing Sinful Colors display. I'm sure you aren't surprised to hear we went home with three new polish colors.

Penny picked a purple and a pink, which I'll talk about another time. Today, I really want to shout from the rooftops about the SinfulShine collection.

I bought VIP #1231, which is a lovely, rich pink that is very work-appropriate, feminine, and fun, but not super cutsie or immature. I quite like it, though I admit I normally wear reds for work and less traditional colors (black, green yellow, etc) for weekends and vacation.

It's not the shade, or the bottle, or the brush, that's awesome about SinfulShine. It's really, truly the staying power. For less than $3, I have a polish that doesn't look like crap after a couple of days. The photo above was taken 48 hours after applying the polish. In that time, I did 7 loads of laundry, cleaned 3 toilets, the kitchen sink and stove, baked 4 loaves of bread, and washed my hands a bunch of times. Any other polish that I've done at home would have been half worn off with that type of abuse, especially since I didn't use a base or top coat.

It was 8 days before I decided to take off the old polish and reapply, but I could have done some touchups instead and it would have looked fine. Seriously, 8 days!

Now, I'm not super picky about perfect nails, so I'm not saying they had a "just polished" look after 8 days, but unless you were staring at my hands, you wouldn't have noticed any chips or fading.

I've been telling my husband how I want to dump all my old polish and buy up every shade of SinfulShine. He's probably tired of hearing about nail polish now, hehe.

The real test will be on my daughter's nails. She can go to school with fresh polish and come home with almost none left. Working in the dirt does major damage to a fresh coat of nail color. I may have to get a SinfulShine purple shade to convince her to try "mommy's polish."

If you want to see more shades, there's a great post from Mommy Needs a Manicure Stat with photos of 12 of the 32 colors on someone else's nails.

Want to know more about Sinful Colors? Check out their Twitter feed and their Facebook page for the latest updates!

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