March 19, 2015

Kindergarten Art: Heart Project

Last October, I accepted a job teaching art to kindergarteners once a week in a nearby town. While the transition from working 2-5 kids at a time to 20-24 kids has been most challenging, the benefit is that I get to work with such a variety of abilities, interests, and help a great group of kids appreciate art through their first year of elementary school. The staff at school have been so welcoming and very helpful in understanding kindergarten standards, student abilities, and classroom management.

One of the first projects I introduced to my kindergarten class was a mixed-media heart collage using tissue paper, construction paper, glue, scissors, crayons, and Sharpie. This allowed me to assess the students ability to use a variety of materials so I could plan out future projects to help them learn new skills or reinforce existing knowledge.

Miss Pen helped demo the project, which makes for a great class slideshow. The students love to see how another child makes a project even more than they like watching me demonstrate.

1. Tear up a couple of sheets of tissue paper. Students needed a little help learning how to tear the paper without bunching it up, which makes it too difficult to break apart. In a smaller class, this may not be as much an issue because you can demo each step as the students work.

2. Drizzle some glue onto a large sheet of construction paper.

3. Place pieces of tissue over the glue. In class, I encouraged students to use only a little glue at a time to help with drying time. Some used too much glue and learned how that can seep through the paper onto the table. They've been better with glue since.

4. Trace a heart on another sheet of paper.

5. Color the heart with crayon, marker, or colored pencil.

6. Glue the heart to the tissue papered sheet.

7. The class had access to several colors of tissue and construction paper so everyone's project was quite unique. They really enjoyed working with glue and scissors, but needed more guidance on how to gently tear tissue paper without bunching it up.

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