February 8, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel

Thanks to BzzAgent, I'm trying the Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel. Just this afternoon, I received a full-size bottle for free in exchange for an honest opinion of how it works. I do love free products and even more, love talking about what's good or not so good, so this should be fun!

Tonight's the first night I'll be trying the peel. Instructions are to apply it at night and leave it on. No washing it off. Just put it on, let it be and go about my normal routine the next morning. Sounds easy enough.

My "Before" Pic (OMG, no makeup)

Garnier Kit from BzzAgent
If you're curious to know more, my kit included an informational guide about the product. What I noted right away was that visible results occurred quickly in clinical studies when this product was used with the dark spot corrector. Used alone, it could take four weeks before I see a noticeable improvement. I'm curious to see how long it takes, so I'll take pictures regularly and post them as a series in one month.

In the meantime, here's some more information:
  • Though it's called a peel, it's gentle and won't clog pores.
  • Hydrates, which is awesome because my skin is incredibly dry this winter.
  • Improves spots and discoloration.
My skin should feel smoother and more hydrated by morning and within a week, overall it should be brighter. After a month, I should see discoloration significantly reduced. Garnier also says that acne scars could be improved. Though I don't have that problem, I know many women who do, so this may be a product you want to try.

The peel retails for $16.99, which if you're new to anti-aging products may sound like a lot, but trust me, it's not much at all. I use a lot of Olay Pro-X and Regenerist, and would say this is comparable to the Regenerist line and much less expensive than Pro-X. Before you try it, head to Garnier's Facebook page and grab a $1 off coupon.

Before I wrap up and go to bed, I want to share that I was a bit nervous about trying the peel. In my mind, a peel probably hurts. I've seen ladies on TV after a salon peel and feared some stinging at a minimum. However, it's been on for about 30 minutes and aside from a lightly tight feeling and general feeling like I have a mask or lotion on, there's no discomfort. It's not really sticky either so I'm not worried about messing up my pillowcases.

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