February 2, 2013

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist

In the past, I've reviewed products for fun. I've also worked as a mystery shopper on and off for years, so when I signed up for BzzAgent's program, I was super excited to try real products in exchange for some good, old-fashioned, honest reviewing. Unlike a lot of review programs, with BzzAgent, honesty really is important, so you won't hear good feedback from me unless it's truly how I feel.

BzzAgent sent me a packet with coupons for a free Glade Expressions Collection oil diffuser starter kit and a fragrance mist starter kit.

My husband suggested we stop by Walmart while we were out and pick up the kits so I can get started reviewing right away. It was easy to find the Expressions Collection. Walmart only had one fragrance choice for the diffuser starter kit, Pineapple and Mangosteen, but there were a few choices for the room spray. I let Penny pick and of course, she went with the purple one, lavender and juniper berry.

At home, the first one I went for was the oil diffuser kit. It looks pretty with the wood panels with leave-shape cutouts. There's not much work to this. You just pull it out of the box, insert the diffuser panel and put it wherever you want a touch of fragrance. Ours went on the mantle in the living room between some votive candles.

Fragrance Panel
One thing I noticed was the wood around the cutouts was not smooth. It had splintered a bit, so watch your fingers when you insert the fragrance panel.

Wood Splinters
In terms of style, I definitely like that most people wouldn't notice it's a scent-product. It really looks like a home decor item, a major plus for me. I'm not a huge fan of the fragrance. I don't really like mango and pineapple scents, but this was all that was in stock at the time. It's not bad really. It doesn't overpower the room and it's better than a plain, empty smell, but I prefer floral, berry, or dessert scents. This scent is supposed to last 30 days, so I'll try another scent next month.

The other product is a room spray, which is good for bathrooms and kitchens. We have a guest bathroom that's close to the room we keep our litter box, so I'm expecting to keep the spray there for the most part. But first, I used it to spray the kitchen because a few hours after dinner, we still had an overpowering garlic odor from my 40-clove chicken dinner. Amazingly, the garlic smell quickly dissipated and in return, there was a light berry scent. Much better! I asked my husband if he could smell garlic when he went into the kitchen and he said no. Score!

Fragrance Mist
I also used the spray to help with some lingering odor from a post-nap diaper situation and it worked beautifully.

Overall, so far, so good!

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