August 25, 2013

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie Mix Review

For the past three years, results of a past medical test have occasionally been misinterpreted by non-GI physicians. I was aware of this situation (long story) but sometimes, a doctor would say, "you know you have Celiac, right?" (I don't) and to avoid gluten. I've always ignored their advice, knowing it wasn't valid, but with results of a new test pending, I thought it would be interesting to see what gluten free cookies taste like.

I picked up Betty Crocker's Gluten Free Cookie Mix from Hyvee because the picture on the box is really enticing. That cookie on the box looks totally yummy and, honestly, more appealing than typical boxed cookie mix.

For those of you who really need to avoid gluten, this mix calls for gluten free vanilla extract. I do not have any gluten free extract and used a Target brand vanilla. I used unsalted butter and a cage free large egg.

Like the directions suggest, I mixed this by stirring by hand, not with a mixer. Thankfully, it was a quick process, resulting in a crumbly, but moist, dough. I tasted the dough (note: raw eggs can make you sick) and it was unusually good. The flavor was light and unprocessed tasting. I was pleasantly surprised, expecting "gluten free" to mean "tasteless."

I went with a larger size cookie size and baked them on my AirBake sheet with parchment paper. When done, these cookies look and feel done, but have a slightly dough-like taste and texture. Unfortunately, since it's a crumbly cookie, quite a few fell apart when I tried to pack them up when cool. While eating, they crumble a bit as well. This is not a grab-and-go cookie.

So the taste? Really, really good. Based on taste alone, I'd buy these over any other boxed cookie mix I've tried, so yes, I'll be buying this again. It's crumbly as heck but they taste homemade. In my book, a little mess is worth it for a yummy tasting cookie.

My only pet peeve has to do with product packaging, not the cookies themselves. The nutritional information printed on the box front boasts 110 calories and 1g of saturated fat per serving. Since this is before adding butter and egg, of course it won't be totally unhealthy. It's not a big deal for me, since I'm looking to gain weight, but I wanted to point this out for those of you who believe all nutritional facts on a box should be clear and honest. Not that this isn't honest, but it's shady.

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