February 26, 2014

Customer Retention Experts: Sodastream and Warby Parker

I got two surprises in the mail yesterday.

I noticed there were two small packages among my piles of bills and junk mail. The first was a bit heavy, so I checked the sender and saw Warby Parker. Since I haven't ordered glasses in a few months, I had no idea why I was getting something in the mail.

To my total surprise, inside the package was a Jack Kerouac book and a note thanking me for being their customer. Seriously awesome.

This just serves as a reminder of how awesome Warby Parker is. Free at-home glasses try-on, amazing frame selection, insanely affordable prices ($95!!), and they give back to the community. There's not much else like them in the optical industry and I'll remain a huge fan for years to come.

For some reason, on the same day, I also got a gift from Sodastream. This one, however, did not include a note. However, since we recently reached out for a replacement part, I'm thinking it's a way to thank us for our business. Regardless, I'd never seen such a big cozy before (see below). It's keeping my "Diet Coke" nice and cold. This will be good to bring on camping trips to keep iced water cool without taking up room in the cooler. Sweet!

Sometimes, it's worth investing in your customers with nice surprises. I don't want or need product flyers or general junk mail, but something I will enjoy and use, or is a totally unexpected gift (like the Warby Parker book) reminds me of why I became a customer - for the great product and excellent customer service. So, thank you to Warby and Sodastream for being customer retention experts.

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