July 14, 2014

Adovia Mineral Eye Gel Moisturizes Gently

I haven't been working on many Tomoson promotions lately, being more careful about what I'm agreeing to review. It had been a while when Cleopatra's Choice invited me to try another one of their products, a Mineral Eye Gel. Since I had enjoyed working on a previous Adovia review (Dead Sea Mud Mask), I agreed to try the eye gel.

I'm no stranger to eye creams. Four years ago, I got a free jar of a Lancome eye cream through an American Cancer Society program for cancer patients. I really liked how noticeable the results were, but the cost made continuing to use the cream completely impractical. It would have been $180+ a year just for eye cream and that's just way out of my budget for one small, very targeted product.

Since then, I have tried several eye creams, from major to lesser known brands at various price points, but none wowed me. I know I'm not likely to see fine lines disappear or dark circles magically vanish, but I do expect more moisturized skin around my eyes (which can reduce the appearance of dark circles) and to look and feel more refreshed without irritation. Nothing was honestly doing it for me so I'd given up and mostly used gentle facial moisturizers within a safe distance of my eyes.

Adovia Mineral Eye Gel has a retail price point that seems to be middle of the road compared to other products I've tried. I'm comfortable with that price, knowing I'd probably have to buy a new jar every 4-6 months.

My Adovia Mineral Eye Gel sample arrived mid-June and I used it nearly every day for three weeks before I decided how I felt and waited another week before reviewing it. So many eye creams and gels have big product claims and I wanted to give this one a chance before I formed an opinion. You can't really try a product once or twice and know how well it will work longer term. In summer, when my skin isn't as dry, a month seemed like a reasonable amount of time to test this eye gel.

Overall, I really like the Adovia eye gel as a strong moisturizer. Eyes aside, I found it to be gentle and non-irritating, an excellent moisturizer, super cooling (great for summer or when I'm feeling exhausted), and was pleasantly surprised that the jar traveled well on a recent road trip that included flying, driving, and packing and unpacking 5 times. It didn't break or leak!

I can't say I've yet noticed a major change in puffiness and dark circles, but I liked how it felt enough to consider it worthwhile. It's like putting cucumber slices on your eyes but the feeling lasts longer. I actually like using this eye gel as an allover face moisturizer once a week because it is super rich and seems to fix my very dry skin overnight. However, I noticed if I forget to wash my face in the morning, I break out a little. This isn't the intended use for the product, so I can't knock Adovia for those little zits.

I'm pretty pleased. My only wish is that the jar was a pump, just to be sure bacteria doesn't build up over time with air and finger exposure.

You can find Adovia Mineral Eye Gel on Amazon or visit the Adovia website for more information.

The sample of Adovia Mineral Eye Gel was provided for free through a service called Tomoson Tomoson.com. Though I received a sample to review, I am still sharing my personal experiences and opinions.

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