September 1, 2014

Best stylist in Southern Minnesota

Ok, so I didn't take a survey to find out who is the best stylist, but I've certainly been to several and with really difficult hair to style, when I find someone awesome, I stay loyal. Since moving to Rochester and finding Kristan I haven't been anywhere else. She always gets my hair smooth and healthy, understands the craziness that is my texture and thickness, and suggests products without being pushy.

A year ago, I started taking Penny to have her hair done by Kristan because it's rather thick for a kid her age and most cuts we would get at the chain salons looked kind of blah or inappropriate for her face shape. Kristan gives Penny the real grownup experience with a kid-like twist (see the cute apron).

 I usually bring a giant sucker or other treat to distract from the less fun stuff like hair washing and sitting still for the cut. We don't have a kid-focused salon in our area, but the big lollipop usually works out well.

Penny's latest appointment was scheduled on the day of her first walk/run event (Mayo Clinic Healthy Human) so I let Penny scour Pinterest for some hair ideas. She picked a cute star braid and asked Kristan if she could come up with something similar. Penny's hair was a lot shorter than the girl in what she picked, but Kristan came up with a nice solution that looked adorable and held up all day. She got a lot of compliments while jogging around downtown Rochester.

If you live in Rochester or the surrounding small towns, definitely check out Kristan at her new salon near the Galaxy movie theater! She treats Penny like a real, grownup customer, which means Penny feels like she has her own stylist, which makes her feel really proud.

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