June 18, 2013

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles Review

BzzAgent sent me Dr. Scholl's for Her High Heel Insoles to try with my shoes. They're designed for heels at least 2" tall, helping to shift the pressure off the ball of the foot, which is my biggest complaint when wearing heels.

The insoles come in this pretty secure plastic packaging that I found quite difficult to open. I went at it with scissors but kept worrying I'd cut through the very clear (hard to see while cutting) insoles. Since I'm a big fan of good package design, this crazy one irked me. I think there's a way to pull off the back, but I couldn't figure it out.

My first thought was to try them in a particularly uncomfortable pair of Mary Jane's (the green shoes below). You can see they are fairly stiff leather with a high chunk heel. The insoles fit well in the shoe and were easy to properly place, but my foot didn't fit without a squeeze! Totally uncomfortable.

I really wanted the Dr. Scholl's insoles to work, so I gave them another chance with my favorite strappy sandals (below). These ones aren't too uncomfortable but when I wear them for a few hours out shopping or on a walk downtown, my feet tend to ache after taking them off. It can be hard to walk flat footed for an hour. My hope was to have some resolution to that, and also to not have to shift my weight to rest on my heels while out to give the ball of my foot a rest.

my favorite summer shoes without insoles

insole placed
As you can see above, the insole is really discrete. When I put my shoes on, no one could see I'm wearing insoles. They're barely noticeable even with my shoes off. This is fantastic!

I was able to wear my sandals without my feet feeling tight and wore them while out for Father's Day with the family. We went to brunch and did some shopping (new bass guitar for my husband!) and I came home to relax after several hours.

Here's the verdict:

On Pain:
Dr. Scholl's For Her insoles promise to prevent foot pain from high heels. For me, it's both a win and not. While wearing them, I felt uncomfortable and had trouble with balance. I'm just not used to having so much support in my arch. However, after taking them of, it was like I had flip-flops on, not heels. No pain or stiffness!

Insertion and Placement:
They're easy to put in my shoes, stay in place as promised, and come out without leaving a sticky mess. Definitely a win. I had absolutely no shifting around while wearing them.

Ball vs Arch:
The insoles do as promised. They take pressure off the ball of the foot by supporting the arch. I did appreciate the support, but do wish it was less awkward feeling. I think I lobbed around the store after a while, trying to figure out how to walk with insoles in my shoes.

I'm continuing to try them in other shoes and will update as I get used to the insoles and test them in heeled boots and dress shoes. If you want to have a try, there is a $2 off deal on the Dr. Scholl's website. Dr. Scholl's is also running an Extra Step Challenge, asking women to try them for a week. I suggest checking it out!

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