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MidNite Sleep Aid Review

BzzAgent sent me a review kit for MidNite Sleep Aid. I don't usually take anything to help me sleep except an occasional Benedryl, but I have had trouble sleeping in the past and didn't know how to deal with it. My kit included:
  • A full sized 30-count package of MidNite
  • 2-count samples of MidNite to share with friends
  • Coupons good for $2-off any 28-count or larger MidNite product
Going through cancer and surgeries and the extended hospital stays took a toll on my sleep health. During those times, I tried Ambien, but that didn't help provide good sleep and I sleep talked and even woke up to find myself drinking water (it splashed all over my face). I even participated in a sleep study for cancer survivors, which helped a little bit but required some interaction after a meditation period that generally woke me back up. The routine was also not ideal for nighttime awakening.

I took a look at what MidNite claimed before deciding to try it. I don't want to take something addictive or that will leave me feeling like crap in the morning. According to the makers of MidNite, they offer a drug-free formula with a blend of melatonin, lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm. This means you'll sleep more naturally and wake up without feeling groggy. Though it's not FDA regulated like a traditional medication, it is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and has been well-reviewed by other consumers.

What I liked is the chewable tablets that I could take whenever, without needing water. It's not the greatest flavor, but it doesn't linger so I don't mind. When I'm having trouble sleeping, it really does help. I fall asleep faster and return to sleep immediately if awoken by my cats or a noise outside.

Overall, I'm grateful for BzzAgent sending me MidNite to try. Both my husband and I have used it a few times and will be keeping it on hand for those unfortunate restless nights when we need help sleeping but don't want to feel groggy in the morning. It works.

There is a downside to MidNite. It's not 100% perfect. It definitely seems to help get me to sleep and keep me asleep, but I don't have good dreams. I do dream, so it's not eliminating my REM sleep cycle (assuming here, as I'm not a medical professional), but the dreams are unpleasant. I don't feel agitated and can't really remember my dreams in the morning but I am aware of having bad dreams each time I've tried MidNite. Otherwise, I don't often have nightmares. My husband, and my sister, who have both tried MidNite, said they experienced the same side effect.

To me, the bad dreams are worth a full night of sleep, so I suggest giving it a try. MidNite is gluten and lactose free, great for if you have those sensitivities. They offer three products:
  1. MidNite combines melatonin (the body’s natural sleep-wake regulator) with a blend of natural herbs like lemon balm, lavender and chamomile to induce restful sleep without knocking you out.
  2. MidNite PM takes the original formula and adds bromelain (made from pineapples!) to soothe the minor aches and pains that can otherwise keep you up at night.
  3. MidNite for Menopause is specially formulated with soy-derived genestein isoflavones to provide natural support for menopausal night sweats and hot flashes while also helping you get some sleep.
For more information, visit the MidNite website or check out their Facebook page.


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