June 22, 2013

Pauley Alpaca Company Manure Review

Normally I use this blog to review products that benefit my skin or hair, but I just have to rave about something a little (not a lot) stinky - alpaca poop.

Yes. Alpaca poop.

My friend and his family run a small farm with several adorable alpacas. They offer alpaca manure for a very reasonable price, so I picked up a bucket for my small summer garden.

My biggest problem with my potted plants has been weeds. It seems like the birds are dropping seeds in the pots constantly, so I'm pulling the little things every day. I also was worried about insects and keeping the soil moist under the hot summer sun.

I'm good about feeding my plants properly, keeping them watered, checking the soil, and pruning, but I felt like these guys needed something extra and it turns out what they needed was manure from the Pauley Alpaca Company.

You can see below how beautiful my plants are. Just a week ago, they were noticeably smaller. The soil was drying out quickly, and I was weeding constantly. In the past week, I've only had to weed once and the plants are growing like crazy. It's like magic fertilizer!

If you live in SE Minnesota, visit the Pauley Alpaca Company for some of this magic fertilizer, a dozen eggs from the Pauley hens, or if you're out of town, check out their website for an awesome pair of alpaca socks.


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