October 22, 2013

Kerrin Birchenough: Makeup Tips for New Moms

I've been reviewing a lot of skincare and cosmetic products lately, and while I know a bit about the stuff, and have been experimenting and asking questions since I was a kid, I'm by no means an expert. I decided to ask my talented friend, Kerrin Birchenough, who is a cosmetics expert and the mom of an awesome little girl, to contribute a post for new moms.

Here's what Kerrin has to say:

"My dear friend, Samantha, has asked me to contribute to her blog. And it would be my pleasure to! I have been a makeup artist ever since my mom let me start using the stuff (14 years old?) and I then started helping friends with their makeup as I got older. 

From there, I have worked for various makeup lines, at spas, fashion shows, photo shoots, weddings, and special events. 

I have been working in and around makeup, skincare, and fashion for many, many years. 

New moms, you're tired. 

Scratch that.
You are extremely, insanely exhausted and consume multiple cups of coffee daily. You hope to even get in a daily shower, forget about putting on makeup. Well, I'm asked to give makeup tips and advice for moms.
Here's my advice... if you want to look a little more awake and have five extra minutes.

1. Moisturizer! BB creams are great because they offer a little coverage as well as have an SPF.

2. Apply mascara! It will make your eyes look wider and more awake. Looking for a great mascara on a budget? Check out the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous mascara collection.

3. If you really want to go all out, try a touch of pink or peach lip gloss and a cream brush to the apples of your cheeks. Less is more!

Also, many women use harsh cleansers on their face which dry out your skin and can ultimately lead to more oil production and acne. Stop! Use a cream cleanser. My favorite bang for your buck is Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Daily Cleanser. It's a Cetaphil knock-off but with less chemicals available for all skin types at just $5.99."
Kerrin Birchenough has worked for MAC, NARS, Dior, and Zac Posen, and as a makeup artist for runway shows, fashion photography, weddings, and special events.

Kerrin is happy to answer your questions and can be reached best by email.

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