October 4, 2013

You Wanted to Know: "MidNite sleep aid FDA"

One of the search terms that brought people to this blog is "MidNite sleep aid FDA." Since I was curious about the exact nature of the relationship between the FDA and MidNite, I did some digging.

FDA Side Effects of Sleep Drugs website states that they have approved sleep aids for use up to two weeks for occasional sleeplessness but they also include some tips on getting a better night's sleep without the use of medication. Check out all the information on the FDA website.

Checking out MidNite's FAQ site, I found the following:

"MidNite, MidNite PM and MidNite for Menopause are dietary supplements using herbal and natural ingredients. Like all other dietary supplements, they are regulated under the Federal Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act which requires a substantial safety profile. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) at all times has authority to investigate and monitor such products for safety."

Honestly, this seems kind of vague. They aren't explicitly saying the FDA has approved MidNite but they do suggest that the FDA could investigate the product at any time, or perhaps already has? I don't really have a straight answer. They do have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

If you want to know more about my experience trying MidNite, check out my review of the product.

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