June 10, 2014

Bale Gardening

My bales had a lot of oat seeds but it's not affecting my plants. I trim as needed, sometimes pull the oat growth, but so far, it's all good. This is two weeks ago, I think. There's an eggplant, some tomatoes, peppers, greens, lettuce, and cucumbers. I've added some flowers around the outside but they aren't growing much yet.

I put a weed mat under the bales. It's debatable whether it's needed but it has helped with water retention.

At this point, everything is fine. I pull grass growth when I see it and watch for bugs. I'm using a garlic tea spray on rare occasion when I see a pest I would prefer to avoid. It's worked just fine. I also used a urine spray to keep the bunnies and squirrels away and that's also doing great.

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