June 29, 2014

Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts Aren't For Me

BzzAgent sent me a set of Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts to try for free. My foot measuring experience was pleasant and easy, almost fun actually. I measured 120 probably because I'm small and don't put a lot of weight on my feet and my feet have normal arches. I tend to stand more on my heels than the balls of my feet when standing still, so I was hoping these would help relieve some of that pressure and disperse it more evenly.
I was pretty disappointed and want to speak to why I didn't feel the product's claims matched my experience since this is such a personal product and everyone is likely to have a unique experience. To understand my responses, here's some helpful info:

  • I am very thin and short (low weight)
  • My arches are considered "normal"
  • I wear a size 5-1/2 shoe and have narrow feet 
  • I only own one pair of traditional sneakers 

My Experience
First, Dr. Scholl's claims the inserts will fit easily into most shoes, including casual shoes, dress shoes, sneakers and work shoes. This was not my experience. They definitely too thick and wide for all of my dress shoes, work shoes, and casual shoes. My foot wouldn't stay in my shoes. I tried my Merrell sneakers which I use for long hikes and walks, camping and trips to the park and my foot wouldn't stay in those either, even when I took out the original insole that came with the shoe. At least with those, the shoes were finally wide enough to fit the Dr. Scholl's inserts. But you can see in the pictures below, the sneaker still looks a bit pushed open after the insert was placed inside the shoe.


Another product claim is that the inserts will stay securely in place, thanks to the ¾ length design. I'm not sure why the 3/4 length has anything to do with why they stay in place. Yes, the claim is accurate and they did stay in place, but the 3/4 length meant that when I took out the old insole, the shoe felt weird, even more uncomfortable then with the new insole over the old one.

my foot isn't all the way in the sneaker with the inserts inside
The inserts are supposed to provide heel cushioning to relieve foot pressure but I noticed how my heel felt even more pressure than without. I was hoping these would balance the pressure, but it seemed worse.

Lastly, the inserts are supposed to place your feet into a more supported position and disperses pressure levels more evenly. I just didn't have this experience. I felt like my heels were too high up so it was harder to walk normally.

At this point, I'm thinking maybe my feet are too small and narrow, my arches too "normal," and my body weight too light to get much benefit from the Dr. Scholl's inserts. I'm going to have my husband try them out because he has flatter feet and a lot more pressure to deal with. He's also more of a traditional sneaker-wearing guy.

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