January 9, 2014

Girls' Trip to Sally Beauty Supply

My daughter has been watching a lot of Frozen promos on the Disney Roku channel and especially loves watching girls getting their hair done like Elsa and Anna, so I thought I'd take her to Sally and see if there was a cute braided headband like the ones we've seen in the promos.

We didn't exactly come home with what we went to Sally for, but we did come home with some fun girlie stuff.

Optimum Care Salon Collection Essential Nutrients for Dry Scalp

I've got terribly dry, itchy scalp but no dandruff. I've also got course, dense, thick hair and often rely on what are typically branded "ethnic hair" products. I picked up a discounted pack of Optimum Care Salon Collection Essential Nutrients for Dry Scalp. The box comes with four weekly treatments (can be used more frequently, if needed). Using it is so easy - just apply to the scalp with the hair damp or dry and work it in with fingers. I absolutely loved how nourishing it felt, like when I get conditioning treatments at the salon. Now, to see how well it works with that dry scalp problem! I'll report back after a month.

Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish

My daughter was drawn to the nail polish display and gratefully, the manager directed her to the Sally Girl mini polish collection, just 99 cents each! Penny picked "Crazy," #812053, which is a very bright, day-glo somewhat matte orange. In some light, like in the photo above, it's a bit shiny, but really it's not remotely glossy.

I'm not a big fan of the Sally Girl so far. I needed four coats to get smooth color and though it dries to the touch super fast, hours later, it chips and peels way too easy. My nails looked all nice in that photo, which was about 30 minutes after painting them. Now, they look like my preschooler painted them. I'll be taking off the polish and trying again tomorrow with a top coat.

Tomorrow is a big day for me and Penny. We're having a girls' day off since she is out of school, so we're headed to "the big mall" so she can ride some rides and visit American Girl, Disney, and Lego, have lunch at Rainforest Cafe, and make her first Build-a-Bear (she wants a dog). I can't wait!

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