January 20, 2014

Sinful Colors Pink Forever vs SinfulShine VIP

I decided to try the pink nail polish that Penny picked, Sinful Colors Pink Forever #313 to compare to SinfulShine VIP #1231.

Pink Forever is much more pale and lighter than VIP, but like VIP, looks best with two coats and takes about the same amount of time to dry. I found the SinfulShine to be thicker and more long-lasting. It only took 24 hours for my nails to look a little worn out and in need of a touch-up. However, I do like the lighter Pink Forever shade more. If I could have that in a SinfulShine formula, I'd be super happy.

Sinful Colors Pink Forever #313

SinfulShine VIP #1231

For the full scoop on SinfulShine, check out my December post on the VIP shade!

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