January 21, 2014

It's THAT Kind of Morning

Today is one of those days. I am fairly active at my daughter's school, and one of my volunteer roles is to pick up donated flowers from local shops and bring them to school, clean them up, make little bunches and give those to the younger kids' classrooms, leave a few bunches for teachers in the language and media center rooms, and make vased bouquets for the teacher's lounge, front lobby, reception desk, and anywhere else could use a pick-me-up.

It isn't difficult work, but there is a good deal of time involved first thing in the morning, usually a Monday. I try to leave before 8, drop the dog at his favorite spot (playcare at Completely Canines), head to a couple shops and be at school by 8:30, which is just about the time my husband is dropping my daughter off for school.

Today, I left nice and early, about 7:50 but nothing went my way. The roads were slick, so I took my time. A woman with an adorable pitt arrived just before me, so I needed to wait at playcare for a few minutes (dogs hang out in behavior-appropriate packs). I hit every red light, and both shops had larger than usual bunches to share. All this meant I didn't get to school until about 8:45 and while I absolutely love when we get roses, I found there were dozens of roses to trim up so the kids wouldn't prick their fingers on thorns.

I needed to be back in time to call into a 10am meeting, so I worked diligently to arrange and deliver the flowers and didn't linger too long in my daughter's classroom. I made it home by 9:45 only to find my 10am meeting was moved to 10:30. So I moved my 10:30 to the lunch hour and used the free 30 minutes to figure out what I wanted to accomplish today. I worked a lot over the weekend, so I'm more than caught up. Love that.

I have my sun lamp on to battle the grey, cold winter, my shade is open so I can look out the window behind my computer, and I'm using my new warm neck wrap!

While I was at the grocery store florist this morning, I saw this aromatherapy neck wrap with grape seed insert for less than $10 and had to have it. Just a minute in the microwave and I can enjoy the warm, soothing feeling of this cozy neck wrap. It also works well holding up my phone while I'm on a call. Bonus!

Anyhow, just wanted to share that I found this fabulous warm neck wrap that has a washable cover. It's one of those days that I really need it.

Check it out (sans makeup, looking tired):

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