January 15, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Strips: Not a Fan

When I was in Walmart the other day, I grabbed Maybelline's Color Show nail strips. The fun, bold design caught my eye and I do love nail stickers.

My absolute favorite strips are by Kiss, "Cocktail," in the Classic Nail Dress collection. They stay on for seemingly forever, look fantastic, and aren't difficult to work with. I have a hard time getting used to textures like rhinestones and such, but the look is worth it. I've mostly used Cocktail on my toes, though, since I otherwise fidget by messing with the texture on my fingernails.

The other brand I like is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. I used Pink Argyle several times (discontinued). The strips are super stretchy and easy to smooth out but don't last as long as the Kiss strips.

So, did I like Maybelline's attempt at nail strips?


They look pretty cool, eh? Each set comes with 20 stickers, a nail file/buffer, and a plastic tool to help push the stickers into the sides of the nail.

Nail strips are one-size fits all, with a range of precut sizes that should fit most nails. With other brands, I've found either a perfect fit, or I've been able to stretch or trim easily so they go on easily, quickly, and look like a fancy salon manicure.

With Maybelline's version, they feel like thick rubbery plastic, almost like Colorforms. So basically, they don't smooth on the nail easily, are difficult to neatly trim, and definitely don't stretch. They look totally fake. 

On the nail above, I realized I had a size too small and found these strips will come right off. Great if I want them off, but that means they don't exactly stay on. No longevity, unfortunately.

I gave up on these and painted my nails, then wrote to Maybelline to share my experience. To their credit, they offered to compensate me and seemed to appreciate the feedback. While I may not buy their nail products in the future, they haven't lost me as a mascara customer.

In the meantime, I used a few stickers on my daughter's toe nails and my husband pointed out that several had fallen off within a few minutes of putting them on. With the Kiss and Sally Hansen strips, they've lasted on Penny's toes for a month.

Would I buy these again? No way. But I appreciate Maybelline's response to my feedback and am grateful there are other similarly priced nail stickers I can play around with from other brands.

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